FX Eleven 2.4.2 enhances user interface and more

New Football Manager Sim, FX Eleven received a new patch today. This adds an enhanced user interface, adjusted text, enhanced sim graphics and tons more.

There are also a ton of bug fixes in FX Eleven 2.4.2 that help improve the multiplayer and various other crashes.

Here’s the changelog..


  • Improved algorithm for calculating the end result in “Final score” mode
  • Increased time for non-practiced strategies (Watch game mode)
  • Scouting messages now include country and division, making it easier to look for a player
  • Improved quick editor that allows adjusting a player’s name by right clicking
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Improved video sequences before watching a game
  • Enhanced system for displaying player achievements when they coincide with provisional standings (Watch game mode)
  • Enhanced simulator graphics (Watch game mode)
  • Adjustments in classification system
  • Adjusted texts
  • Adjusted player data base


  • Multiplayer games that shut down when one of the managers is fired
  • Multiplayer game crash when one of the managers is relegated to a division not included in the game
  • Game crash after penalty shootouts
  • Bug that caused additional penalties to be included in a shootout when changing from “Highlights” mode to “Watch game” mode for the second half of overtime
  • Bug that caused too many red cards to be given in “Watch game” mode
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