Gears 5 Operation 5: Hollow Storm is now live, adds The New Day as DLC

Gears. 5. Rocks. And so does its new expansion Hollow Storm.

A huge update to the game’s PVP component is now live which adds a ton of new features, like an additional rarity level ‘Heroic’ and a Community Service model, which adds new bonuses for Ranked.

There’s new PVE updates, additional Store adjustments, character and gameplay tweaks. It’s a beast.

The main highlights are iconic Gears characters and maps getting added to the game, including Dizzy Wallin, Anya Stroud, Skorge and Tai Kaliso. They can all be purchased individually or as part of a larger bundle.

Gabe Diaz can also be unlocked just by beating the Gears Tactics Tutorial, so that’s a pretty neat inclusion.

There’s a couple of new maps as well, some remakes of classic Gears landscapes, like River, Gridlock, and Regency. Other maps include Nexus, War Room, and Clock Tower.

And through Tour of Duty you’ll get lots of new rewards, like weapon sets and expressions.

But the biggest surprise of all, Gears 5 have partnered with Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods to feature The New Day as playable DLC characters! This is absolutely awesome.

Gears 5 Operation 5 Hollow Storm is downloading right now and is available on all Xbox systems and PC.

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