Gnomoria gets new update

Gnomoria, a sandbox village management sim is an in-development title on Steam and has just received another significant update.

The title currently goes for £5.99 on Steam but is receiving regular, sometimes daily, updates.

As the developers indicate…

“Gnomoria is currently under development, but releases regular updates. We are actively working hard on fixing bugs, adjusting gameplay balance and adding new features and content. We are active in the community and take feedback and suggestions into consideration, so check back to see what each new update brings!”

The latest update is now live and adds the following…


  • Gnomes now eat/drink until full instead of eating until no longer starving or dying of thirst
  • Gnomes will now look for the closest food/drink instead of the best followed by the closest
  • Underground farm
    • Requires plots to be muddied with water before planting
    • Mud will dry out in sunlight but otherwise remains
  • Added mushrooms which can be grown in an underground farm
  • Merchants now stock mushroom seeds
  • Added Grove and Underground Farm to action bar
  • Added cheese, mushroom tea and various omelettes
  • Food and drink quantities on the HUD turn red when 0


  • Gnomes kicking each other out of chairs in the great hall
  • Regular plants growing underground
  • Gnomes not starting the Remove Floor job if they are standing on the job site and can’t path to an adjacent tile
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