God of War New Game + DLC adds tougher enemies and better gear on August 20

God of War’s highly anticipated New Game + mode will drop on August 20th.

This will be a free patch update which opens up once you’ve already beaten the story campaign on any difficulty.

As expected, all of your previous gear, enchantments and abilities will be carried across to the new game, but you’ll also come up against tougher enemies, some of whom have new abilities.

The coolest feature, however, is the addition of even rarer equipment which can both be crafted and upgraded by using a new resource called ‘Skap Slag’. This is then used by blacksmiths to create the ‘best of the best’ equipment.

There are also new customization options with highly powerful armor sets and enchantments, as well as the ability to skip cinematics once a full playthrough has been completed.

BOY, oh BOY, this sounds awesome!

(Source PSN Blog)

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