The Bard’s Tale Trilogy Remaster Tales of the Unknown arrives August 14

The Bard’s Tale Trilogy Remaster Tales of the Unknown will finally arrive on Steam and GOG on August 14th.

Developed by inXile Entertainment, this is the first part of a complete remastering of the original series which first launched back in 1985.

Retailing for $14.99, it will be followed by The Destiny Knight in the Fall of 2018 with Thief of Fate closing out the year in the Winter.

Players will be able to create a party in this first volume which can then be played across all three parts of The Bards Tale Trilogy Remastered. And for the first time, you will also be able to play as both a male and female character across all three games.

The Remaster is full of various quality of life changes, such as auto-mapping for all three games as well as updated artwork. Once the remastered trilogy is complete, players will then receive a Legacy Mode which adds a set of options similar to the 80s originals.

The original trilogy is being remastered and re-released ahead of The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep, the first numbered sequel in over twenty years.

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