Grand Theft Auto V is now on Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass service is, arguably, the most important new addition in this generation of systems with the level of access it gives gamers.

The service gives gamers access to all first party Xbox games at launch, with the likes of Gears 5, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and more immediately playable by anyone who signs up.

But it’s perhaps the third party support that’s been most impressive, with huge games like The Outer Worlds available at launch, as well as popular games like Untitled Goose Game, The Witcher 3, Darksiders 3 and so many more.

However, today’s latest addition might be the biggest statement of intent yet. Admittedly, there’s probably not too many gamers left who don’t own it but to even have it on the service at all is a huge coup for Microsoft.

Rockstar and Microsoft have now added Grand Theft Auto V to Xbox Games Pass as of today. Frankly, that’s huge, and as we approach a new generation of systems, it does make us wonder just how many more of these huge additions will Microsoft seek to secure to get people signed up. Red Dead Redemption 2 for Series X launch, perhaps?

We don’t know what role Xbox Game Pass will play on Xbox Series X – we have to assume it’ll be a key part of Microsoft’s strategy – but we know the system will be backwards compatible and so already gamers will have a vast back library of games to explore from day one.

We’re three days into the new year but it already feels like big moves are being made by both players to really try and convince you to purchase their hardware, between this and Sony’s incredible New Years sale which has some sensational deals on major titles.

It’s going to be a fun twelve months.

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