Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch offers tons of cool features

Dr Kawashima has finally brought his brand of brain training to Nintendo Switch and there’s some big changes.

First appearing on DS, many of the familiar mini games are still present, such as speedy arithmetic, Sudoku, and guessing how many people are in the house.

Mini games from more recent editions can also be seen like remembering an image and spelling out a word with jumbled up letters.

But this version has really gone all in to try some tougher challenges, like making you tap to jump while finding the highest number and playing music on a keyboard.

Of course, the main aim is to determine your Brain Age, which is based on your reaction time playing the mini-games and your overall accuracy. A Brain Age of 20 is the best possible score.

Using the Switch’s JoyCons, there are also some new challenges, including one that uses the IR Motion Camera. Here, you display numbers on your own hand based on questions on screen.

There’s even more competitive games now where each person can take a JoyCon and keep tapping the ZL button on their JoyCon to answer questions like ‘How Many Birds are There’ and ‘Count the Boxes’.

You can even take your skillset online and compete against others through Switch Online in a World Braining Training Championship where your overall results are calculated and added into seperate tiered brackets. Then you’ll get a final ranking which considers the mistakes you’ve made and time taken.

You can also send Brain Training Emails to your Family Group to advise them of your results, showing your current Brain Age, previous brain age and how your current score has been broken down.

And just so you don’t forget, there’s an Alarm Option which can be put on your Switch to remind you to do your daily brain training, whether the console is docked or not.

As with the Sudoku mini games, Brain Training also provides some options to relax with a Dr Mario themed mini game where you assemble same coloured pills together to remove them from the board.

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Switch is now available and can also be picked up at retail to get an official Nintendo Switch Stylus. The one you may have got from Mario Maker 2 should be perfect, though.

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