GTA: The game is never really over

When you’ve completed everything there is to do in a game, a game that has already consumed you for weeks, perhaps months or even years; a little piece of you is disappointed that the end has finally been reached. Of course, the yearning for more DLC provided from the original team and even fan-made levels becomes a real focus and sometimes even an unhealthy obsession.

Perhaps you’ve lobbied a developer via forums or email, maybe you’ve even talked to them directly at a game expo? Maybe you’ve found out where they live… no… I’m not getting into that. But what if you have to wait while the DLC you’ve been clearly stalking people about is being developed? What if you’ve seen something that’s possible that no one else seems to have?

Within sandbox crafting games like Minecraft and the Half Life 2’s Garry’s Mod, it is somehow expected that one will see recreations of popular things, all laid out in wonderful blocky-ness or utilising realistic physics. Only just this week, I have seen yet more, frankly amazing Minecraft worlds, based on famous fictional places such as Minas Tirith, Westeros and more besides, just Google them. Peoples’ creativity and tenacity can be truly breathtaking and one would even be forgiven for believing that this is what those games were made for in the first place.

What if a game isn’t really designed with that kind of creativity in mind? Well, I stumbled upon something that I perhaps should have noticed before, as (a little disclosure) I know the gentleman in question and, a little more disclosure, I may have stolen his “TheBoredGamer” handle a few years ago when I set up my Twitter account. Sorry, MrGrymm72, but it’s mine now.

For one reason or another, I hadn’t been that attentive of late to anyones posts on Facebook and Twitter; but one day, the following picture appeared in my Facebook news trail and I was immediately transported via Rockstar’s GTAV, into one of my favourite movies. I had to find out more.


MrGrymm72 poses as Mr Travolta while the ever helpful JitDylan handles the smooth that is, Mr Jackson.

The creepily named MrGrymm72 (MrGrymm must have been taken already); has been playing GTAV until he’s seen everything there is to see. In fact, GTAV isn’t the only game he’s played in this way. He consumes every ounce of a game with a level of detail I have to simply admire. Replay Red Dead Redemption, sure, finish Skyrim multiple times? Yeah, why not. It’s the only way to play isn’t it?

Something struck him as he was playing GTA Online and while he doesn’t claim sole ownership of the delights I wish to share with you, it is clear that he has an eye for this sort of thing. I applaud his eye for detail and I think you will too.

Here are a few more pictures to whet your appetite, go check out his InstagramTwitter and Facebook for more:


I think you’ll be amused by his other creations. You can see these via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What have you lot been up to? How do you keep your favourite games alive? Let us know in the comments below.

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