Guild War 2’s latest content update ‘Cutthroat Politics’ now live.

The Guild Wars 2 update, Cutthroat Politics has gone live today, and with it, there are nine screenshots available via NCSoft to accompany the release of the content.

The update allows players to choose between two different candidates – war hero Ellen Kiel and prominent merchant Evon Gnashblade – both which will cause permanent changes to the gaming world of Tyria.

Events include the following:

Support Your Candidate – July 23 – August 5
New Activity – Southsun Survival – Begins today
New PvP Activity – Aspect Arena – Begins today
Candidate Trials Challenge – Begins today

New rewards include exclusive new back items and a mini Ellen Kiel and mini Evon Gnashblade.

There will also be a new WvW feature called Catapult Mastery.

More information on this update is available here.

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