Guns Of Icarus Online 1.1.3 update inbound!

Muse Games’ Guns of Icarus Online is about to get updated to 1.1.3

This update doesn’t  just fix issues with the game. 1.1.3 is adding a new map, new gamemode, new weather effects and Steam Achievements. Not bad. Here’s a breakdown:

New Crazy King gamemode along with the new map “Raid on the Refinery” – Crazy king is basically a capture the point gamemode with a moving point, at the moment “Raid on the Refinery” is made specificity for this gamemode. 

  • New Accessories in the store – The Steampipe and The Warrior costumes.
  • Improved Weather effects – This includes rain, frost, wind and moving storms.
  • A host of Balances and Fixes 
  • Steam Achievements

If you want to read over the full patch notes, head over to the Guns Of Icarus forums.


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