Halo Wars 2 receiving new balance patch this week

Halo Wars 2 will be getting a new patch on January 16 as it still continues to receive plenty of post-launch support.

With the recent Flood expansion, as well as regular content updates, this patch will add to the game with new balance tweaks and further improvements.

The Balance tweaks will see changes to various weapons and vehicles, as well as reduced costs and effectiveness.

There are also some important gameplay fixes, including a significant issue which actually let players control opposing team units. Yikes!

Here’s the full changelog. Any fixes you’re happy to see?


  • Fixed a Leader Power exploit that resulted in earning Leader Points at a faster rate.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to control opposing team units.
  • Returned the cost increase of Colony’s Living Barrier leader power back to 0/0. (*this undoes the temporary change that was made to mitigate the Living Barrier exploit, which is now properly fixed)

Infusion damage and duration reduced
Infusion Damage

  • Damage per second reduced by 8%

Infusion Duration
All Infusion Duration reduced by -11% except for:

  • Infusion Mine I reduced -22%
  • Infusion Mine II reduced -18%
  • Infused Engineer reduced -10%
  • Pool – Medium reduced -20%
  • Pool – Large reduced -20%
  • Pool – Extra Large reduced -20%
  • Infusion Wake I reduced -25%
  • Infusion Wake II reduced -20%
  • Infusion Wake III reduced -15%

Infusion Duration – Blitz
All Blitz Infusion Duration reduced by -11% except for:

  • Infusion Mine I – Blitz reduced -10%
  • Infusion Mine II – Blitz reduced -10%

Infusion Tech
Reverts earlier increases to Infusion Tech I/II to reflect relative strength of Infusion without further boosts.
Infusion Tech I

  • Damage Scaling reduced -4%

Infusion Tech II

  • Damage Scaling reduced -8%

Corrupted Warlord & Mortar Warlord
Infusion pool sizes reduced slightly and substantially reduced Infusion Trail duration. Mortar Warlord Y ability cooldown increased.

Infusion Trail Duration

  • Corruption Trail Duration reduced -30s

Mortar Warlord Ability

  • Designator Cooldown increased +10s

Effect duration reduced and cooldown increased to curb its overall effectiveness (especially in combination with other powers).

  • Cooldown increased +30s
  • Effect Duration reduced -17%

Increased cooldown to bring power more in line with its cost effectiveness and make it more difficult to chain with other powers.

  • Cooldown increased +35s

Brute Grenadier 
Base DPS and Infusion siphoning benefits (damage mitigation, DPS bonus) increased to improve their value as a core unit.

Grenade DPS

  • Damage Per Second increased +14%/+11%/+9%

Infusion Siphon

  • Damage Reduction Scaling increased +20%
  • Damage Modifier increased +33%

Reduced overall cost effectiveness of Ultra Mines and increased arming time to improve player ability to avoid them.
Ultra Mine I

  • Arming Delay increased +1s
  • Reduced Arming Delay increased +0.5s
  • Supplies 200 -> 300
  • Power 200 -> 300
  • Ability Cooldown increased +15s

Ultra Mine II

  • Arming Delay increased +1s
  • Reduced Arming Delay increased +0.5s
  • Supplies 330 -> 450
  • Power 330 -> 450


  • Ability Cooldown increased +15s

Pavium’s Stand
Reduced duration and increased cost to balance cost effectiveness.

  • Supplies 300 -> 425
  • Power 300 -> 425
  • Duration reduced -20%

Lich Vanguard
Health and damage increased slightly to improve its effectiveness as an ultimate leader power.

  • Hit Points increased +13%
  • Damage Per Second increased +9%

Rain of Fire
Increased cooldown time and decreased damage to help bring the power in line with cost.

  • Ability Cooldown increased +20s
  • Damage Per Second reduced -5%

Mortar Warlord 
Reduced the effectiveness of ‘Y’ ability Designator and splash damage.

  • Damage Reduction Scaling reduced -8%

AOE Damage

  • Damage Ratio reduced -20%

Upgraded Paint Target

  • Damage Ratio reduced -25%

Slight increases to HP and Splash damage values to improve survivability and damage versus massed air units.


  • AOE Damage Radius increased +25%/+20%
  • Hit Points increased +10%


  • AOE Damage Radius increased +13%/+14%
  • Hit Points increased +10%

Health and effectiveness of Anti-Vehicle units improved versus Tier 2 Vehicles. Tier 3 Vehicles improved versus Tier 2 Vehicles, AA Vehicles, and Scouts.


  • Damage versus Medium increased +19%

Tier 3 Vehicle

  • Damage versus Medium increased +20%
  • Damage versus MediumAA increased +40%
  • Damage versus MediumScout increased +20%


  • Hit Points increased +5%


  • Hit Points increased +5%

Scorpion – Cannister Shell

  • Damage Per Second increased +14%
  • AOE Radius increased +20%

Grizzly – Missile Barrage

  • Damage Per Second increased +12%
  • Core AOE Radius reduced -25%
  • Splash AOE Radius added (DPS 50%)

Wraith – Scorch Mortar

  • Damage Per Second increased +21%

Wraith – Corrupted Scorch Mortar

  • Damage Per Second increased +19%
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