Harry Potter Wizards Unite Daily Tasks have been changed in response to COVID-19

Ahead of today’s Brilliant Event, it’s been confirmed that Daily Tasks are changing in Wizards Unite.

Up to now, users have had to venture outside to ‘Dine at an inn two times’ and ‘Complete 1 Wizarding Challenge’ via Fortress.

As of Wednesday 12.01am (local time) however, this will be changing until further notice to help more people complete the tasks from home.

Dine at an Inn Two Times will be replaced with ‘Use 1 Tonic for Trace Detection’, rewarding the user with 3 Granian Hair.

Complete 1 Wizarding Challenge will also be replaced with ‘Earn 750 Wizarding XP’ for 2 Golden Coins.

Credit to Orange Wizard for the ace graphic.

This follows recent implemented measures by the game to add more traces per tonic, increased master note effectiveness, extra spell energy on the map, and the option to open more gifts.

There is also suggestion they will be increasing the range in which you can access fortresses to make it easier to play them from home.

For more information on the Brilliant Event and these changes, take a listen to our brand new Wizards Unite focused podcast – Departure Denied.

(Source: Orange Wizard)

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