Harry Potter Wizards Unite Registry Changes Guide – How to Prestige and not lose Fragments

One of the major issues affecting players in Wizards Unite at the moment pertains to the registry.

To help with this, I’ve prepared a video guide.

This could also be useful if you plan on doing Community Day (or any Fortressing) anytime soon as it will help you not to lose any of your Fortress Foundable Fragments.

Included in this video is

  •  How to prestige a frame and ensure you carry over excess fragments.
  •  How not to lose excess fragments when you obtain another fragment of that foundable.
  • How the repeat image collection works, what you get from it and when it’s best to use fragments to place an image.

This is based on the New Update 2.13.0 which introduces repeat image collection and new fragment counts needed for all foundables.

For a short guide on how to do group fortresses most effectively, we have also prepared some tips and tricks.

If you have any further questions, please contact laurie@expansivedlc.com


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