Hearthstone submits to The Boomsday Project on August 7

Hearthstone is getting a brand new expansion on August 7 with the introduction of The Boomsday Project.

135 new cards are being added to the game, giving players the option to pre-purchase a 50-pack bundle that provides an exclusive Mecha-Jaraxxus card and free golden class legendary.

Alternatively, there is an 80-pack Mega Bundle that offers a Mecha-Jaraxxus Hero. The bundles will retail for £44.99 and £69.99 respectively.

The new expansion focuses on one of Dr. Boom’s misguided experiments within the Netherstorm by also adding some new gameplay tweaks. These include nine, brand new, legendary spells.


On top of that, players will be stricken by Projects, which are spells with effects that benefit both players, and Omega cards that offer enticing rewards when played with 10 mana crystals.

Most excitingly, is the implementation of Magnetic energy which will let players merge their mech minions, combining their stats together.

And The Puzzle Lab is also being added to the game, a new singleplayer expansion filled with some exciting puzzle solving. All in the name of Science, of course!

More on the Boomsday Project as we get it.

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