Hearthstone takes us to the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan on December 1

Blizzard are almost ready to roll out the next phase of Hearthstone and take us to the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

Presumably filled with robotic renegades and gizmo gangsters, the update will also add 132 new cards to the card-battler on December 1st.

Fans and collectors can pre-purchase the new cards right now for $49.99, but you’ll also be able to craft these with the right amount of Arcane Dust.

There are several crime gangs in Gadgetzan and each one has a unique angle. The Grimy Goons tend to use buffing cards, whereas the Kabal pop potions that wipe entire boards. Meanwhile, the Jade Lotus rely on stealth to get their way.


We’ll find out more in just a few short days.

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