Hitman 2 visits Hantu Port for its first Sniper Assassin DLC

The first piece of Sniper Assassin DLC for the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass has finally landed.

Hantu Port is a new Sniper Assassin Map which lets you make new discoveries and use a new Sniper Rifle.

You visit Singapore, the site of Hantu Port and must kill Khandanyang operatives, while earning score multipliers and completing challenges.

Your main targets are a group called the Heavenly Guard and your objective is to rescue Han Ldong and his wife from execution.

With the option for Coop as Stone or Knight, as well as the chance to top leaderboards, this pack is sure to offer a great challenge for the very best Hitman player.

This is included in Expansion Pack 1 and the Expansion Pass and is not available seperately.

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