Hotline Miami getting massive ‘sequel-like’ DLC expansion

When considering the cult hits of 2012, look no further than Hotline Miami. It’s ambiance and style are comparable to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; it’s also a hell of a hoot to play.

Well, the good news is developer, Dennaton Games, ain’t done with the blood-fest just yet.

In an interview with Eurogamer, developer Jonatan Söderström dropped a few details about the team’s future plans for Hotline Miami. While those details are scarce, there seems to be a lot to get excited about.

“I think we’re going to do quite a big project, It will probably be about as long as the full game, so probably we’ll charge something for it. It will be like a sequel kind of, but building on the story.”

“We’re hoping since we have the game engine done and we just need to add more to it, it shouldn’t take as long as it’s taken for the first game to be made. Because there were a lot of difficult design decision that sort of made the game take some time to make.”

“We hope it would take no longer than four or five months to make the sequel, but we’re not sure at this point.” 

If this interview is anything to go by, we could be seeing the sequel-come-add-on around April time.  Of course, that’s just guess work.

Either way, time to get that bat bloody all over again.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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