No more DLC for Age of Empires Online

When you’ve worked on and nurtured something for so long, it’s hard to let go. Gas Powered Games probably know this all too well. Age of Empires Online has been in developmental phase since August 2011, and since that time has seen a steady stream of content to bolster the game.

Unfortunately, all of that is about to come to an end.

According to the AOEO blog, no new content will be created for the game once the currently planned content is finalized and released. There will be no new features and no new civilizations to accompany the Persians, Celts, Norse and Babylonians. The six currently in-game are the final set.

However, nothing in the game will be removed and the community team will still support the game via Community challenges, streams, contests, PVP tournaments and more. The game is not ‘dying’, but the developers have admitted that creating ‘top-tier’ content is too expensive to maintain for long, and creating more is no longer cost-effective. They have also admitted that bug-fixes may be slower in coming in the future.

We know that Gas Powered Games are teasing a new-game announcement for the 14th January. Anyone reckon this is a coincidence?

No, nor do we…

(Source: Age of Empires Online Blog)

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