How to be the best MyGM there ever will be in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is a real-time sink in big part thanks to MyGM mode.

It’s been a staple over the years and this time around, 2K have really found a groove with the mode which essentially gives you the keys to the kingdom to take your brand right to the very top.

It can be tricky over time though, so we’ve got some tips to help get your start and dominate your rival.

Think carefully about your power cards

I know you may be desperate to GM as Shane O Mac, but it might be worth considering Sonya Deville for that +15 Superstar morale bonus. Think carefully about how that bonus could benefit you in the long run and which has the more long-term payoff.

This also applies to your show, with options such as earning better network deals or giving random stars on your show a boost. Picking a rival GM and brand leans further into this.

Think about how your power cards compare to theirs as effective combinations of both GM and show can really give you a fantastic headstart before you even pick the first member of your roster.

Who’s good to draft?

Be aware of your budget. That’s the biggest rule. Don’t blow it all at once by buying the most expensive stars or loading up with too many or you’ll be left scrambling when it comes to booking shows with no money for production and presentation.

You’ve got 3 matches and two promo slots to play with per show, bar PPVs, it might be worth thinking about keeping your roster slim to fit at first and then building it up overtime with short contracts from the free agent and legends pool if you need a bit of a ratings boost.

Don’t be afraid to take recommendations either and try to keep an even balance of both men and women on the roster. You’re also going to want a good mix of classes to keep your shows fresh and interesting. Remember, specialists are good against almost anyone but certain classes are not compatible with others.

Picking your champions

Now the hard work begins. You probably have a pretty good idea of who your champions are going to be from the off, but if not, take a look at each star’s popularity. I’d say it’s worth going with the wrestlers with the biggest star quality or the ones who can have the most matches with others on the roster.

For example, it’s probably worth putting a belt on, say, Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch, and letting stars like Sami Zayn and Natalya chase them.

Signing your first matches

Take a good look at your roster. If you’ve picked right, you’ll have a nice spread of competitors with differing styles, an even tally of men and women, and a combination of faces and heels.

Then think about your matches. Giants and Cruisers do well together, so that could be an option. Also carefully choose positioning, openers and main events are your ‘hot’ matches, so something with lower stakes could be a good spot for the mid-card and high stakes for the main event.

You’re also going to want to try to make as much use of your roster as you can. If that means making up a tag-team match, so be it, but this is why I recommended keeping your roster slim initially. The more superstars you’ve got, the more you need to keep happy and if you’re not booking them, they’re going to get restless.

Try to build up rivalries for the big shows. Develop storylines that make sense through smart interferences and targetted promos. It probably makes sense to build them around your champions and try not to have them face each other too much before the big pay off match.

Also, watch a star’s stamina rating. If you’re booking them for a big PPV match, don’t wear them out by being in matches every week, let them cut a promo or be in a tag match where they expend less energy.

Keep in mind, you can also switch wrestlers from heel to face with promos, and even try to build the reputation of your brand with a charity or advertising promo if you’ve got space to fill.

On each show, you should also try to fulfill the commissioner’s goal which can be found in the journal area. This will give you additional power cards which can be valuable down the road.

If it all gets a bit too much, you can also auto-book a show and let the game decide how to use your roster most effectively, but I always like to think a hands-on approach is better.

How about them logistics?

This is why it’s good not to blow all your budget too quickly. You can choose things like your arena, crew and effects. You can do it all free initially but if you really want to build your brand, you’re going to need the biggest venues, the best crew and the most in-your-face advertising.

Take a look at capacity numbers, pricing and quality. You want to try and strike a good balance of everything to ensure you maximize profits. So enhanced advertising and arena size are going to go well together to make sure you get the highest return on tickets.

But then booking your biggest stars will be a must, in absolutely essential matches, with the best quality production values.

It’s all a juggle and having some money as a buffer to keep the show afloat is going to stand you in very good stead, particularly if the competition is lagging behind.

And Power Cards?

Use these wisely. Sometimes it might be good to let your champion take a break if their stamina is low and you’ve been booking them week in week out. Keep an eye on the big PPVs and try and find a good time to ensure your stars are getting much needed time off otherwise they’re going to get injured which can be a huge spanner in the works.

You can also get free advertising, or crew hire which might make sense to save for the PPVs so you can have a massive blowout to earn maximum cash.

My first show is over, what now?

Look at what went well and what didn’t go so well. Viewer Match Ratings are a really good indicator of the kind of matches you should run and ones you should try to avoid.

You’ll also see new rivalries pop up, so it might be good to keep building these up one way or another, depending on the quality of match and how a superstar is currently being used.

You’ll also get a break down via the drama curve on how well your show has been booked, how you performed versus the rival brand and where they may have done better than you.

You can even get a full match report by pressing Y on the booked slot to see why viewers didn’t click with one match or why they loved another.

I’d pay attention to star demands as this can help book your show as well as make sure your roster is happy. Sometimes a match may not be the right fit but its worth at least giving it a shot in a midcard slot if you’ve got nothing else planned. You never know where the next great rivalry may come from.

Finally, you’ll get the complete breakdown of viewership, revenue and notes from the stars themselves. This is all valuable information that you should take notes of before booking your second week and beyond.

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