Making the most out of MyRISE in WWE 2K22

After a year hiatus, WWE 2K games are back and there’s quite a few changes this time around.

Outside of the game’s Showcase mode, you’ve also still got the opportunity to take your created superstar to the top of the world and make a ton of fans along the way.

But there’s a few little tips you should be aware of that might make that journey a bit easier and more advantageous…

Check Social Media

No, I don’t mean go and open Twitter on your phone. In the game’s HUB Menu, you’ve got a constantly updated feed to keep checking on after every match.

Initially this will start out quite limited with random, uncontextual messages from stars, but eventually it will lead to bigger prospects, like you being called out for the match or even the opportunity for you to call people out, even champions!

You’ll also get regular DMs from your respective GM or trainer who will offer unique challenges or opportunities to further your skills.

And the good news is, if you skip over a challenge because you’re in the middle of pursuing another story line or need some more practice, you can go back to it later.

The first thing you’ll learn about MyRISE is that, unlike previous WWE career modes, the big choices really are yours to make. You could literally win the US title on RAW then immediately dive into the Royal Rumble and go for the WWE title.

And if you see a challenge you don’t like? Just ignore it.

Visit Locations

If you’re stuck for things to do and how to progress, you should also check the Locations tab which will sometimes offer up even more opportunities for you.

Here you can take part in unique Challenge Matches from fans of the product. And they literally are random, like fulfilling someone’s dream match or taking on ridiculous odds to prove your superiority.

From gyms to hotel rooms, you can take a break from more intensive storyline action and do something a bit more off the cuff.

These also offer some cool bonuses as well, like making you more proficient at a particular attribute.

Speaking of which…

Spend your Superstar Attributes

You’re really going to want to do this regularly and often. You’ll earn points from every match you take part in and if you fulfill some of the more unique criteria, you’ll gain more points than expected.

As you start to face tougher competition and the target on your back gets bigger, upgrading your striking ability as well as you resilience is going to make your punches harder and you much harder to beat. All in the name of making your life a lot easier.

Spend them wisely though, and figure out which areas are most important. I:E Do you favour high-flying over submission? Upgrade that first.

But don’t leave yourself too vulnerable in one area either as you could find opponent’s will exploit your weaknesses without you even realising it.

Update yourself often

WWE Superstars regularly change their identity, persona, and even their moveset. MyRISE lets you do all of that as often as you like. You can keep tweaking your moves if you’re not liking a certain configuration.

And if you hate the coat you picked for your character’s entrance right at the start, it’s so easy to get it removed and replaced entirely.

Either visit the Appearance, Entrance, Victory or Move Set sub-screens to tweak everything about your star and keep them fresh throughout your career.

You can hop between brands

Just because you decided to pick RAW right after your performance graduation, doesn’t mean you’re stuck there.

As you progress through your career on a respective brand, you’ll eventually get a DM from a GM where they’ve had a trade proposed to them. Here you can decide to make the switch to either NXT or Smackdown.

But beware! Once you make that switch, any titles you currently hold are forfeit and you’ll be right back to square one again. Be sure you’re ready to make that sacrifice before brand hopping.

You can also switch allegiance

Also watch out for DMs from GMs that let you make a change to either a Face (Green) or Heel (Red)

This will obviously impact the kind of storylines you can get into but it can also affect your relationship with your GM and fellow superstars.

This can make for a nice change if you’re looking for a complete revamp and decide to freshen things up a little bit.

Need some pointers for MyGM as well? This should help!

Haven’t checked the game out yet? Why not take a peek at our review and see for yourself why it’s a real return to form!

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