How to get the best out of the Turtles in Shredder’s Revenge

Shredder’s Revenge is a pretty chill, flashy experience but it can get tough at times.

Especially if you go for the harder difficulties, it won’t be long before the Foot put their foot down and Splinter gets more than a few splinters from his battles.

We’re here to help you get to grips with the action, feel comfortable in the firing line, and make sure that Shredder’s Revenge falls flat on his metal masked face

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#1 Up your Power Levels

Each character has a series of power levels you can work through by accumulating points throughout the game and this adds unique attributes to them, from extra hit points, to extra lives and even special attacks.

By maximising the power level of a character, you stand a better chance of not only lasting longer in battle, but also making sure you’re getting the absolute best out of their abilities.

Points can be gathered by performing in-level objectives, so you should pay close attention to those, as well as finding hidden collectables throughout a level. From disgusting bugs to old VHS tapes, you can also find hidden characters who will open up sub-sections on the map. Provide them what they’re looking for and you’ll add even more points to your collection.

As such, we’d definitely recommend playing as a character you’ve got the highest power level, at least on a first run through. They will have an extra edge in combat that can get you through some of the tougher boss battles.

Besides, there’s multiple endings to the game and the only way you’ll get through them is by playing as every character.

#2 Time your Special Attacks

It’s best not to waste these on foot cronies and save up for boss battles. Unless you’re in an absolute pinch, of course.

These screen-wide attacks can be the difference in getting through one wave or being shellshocked. And in some cases can be really powerful and take off a ton of health.

If you are going to use these against Mousers and Flying Bots, though, we’d definitely recommend waiting until the screen is full of enemies. That way you can take down a bunch at one time.

That, or…

#3 Make use of your environment

Shredder’s Revenge is full of mini traps that can really trip you up while you’re in the throws of battle. But it’s also important to recognise a lot of these traps can hurt your enemies as well.

So before using that special attack, see if there’s an exploding barrel nearby as the blast can take out a bunch of foot in one go. Perhaps there’s an open sewer cover they can drop down into, or an overcharged beam which can take out a whole 1/3 of the screen in one go.

Sure, it’s a minefield for you as well, but there’s sometimes other ways to get the edge in battle if you’re willing to take a few risks.

#4 Try not to stay grounded for too long

TMNT is fast-paced and a knockdown can keep you down for a while and leave you vulnerable. One way to keep yourself in the battle is kipping up as soon as you hit the ground and even launch it into an attack.

Tapping the B button when hit can send your character launching across the screen to get right back into an enemies face almost as quickly as they’ve hit you and if you time it right that can also work out like a dropkick attack.

Another cool strategy is make use of drop-down attacks when you’re in the air. Using jump attacks is really effective against the bots and mousers, and even some of the projectile-based Foot Soldiers.

If you keep standing in the same spot button mashing, chances are you’re going to get caught out eventually, so it’s better to get comfortable doing this early and often.

#5 Learn Enemy Patterns

There’s a lot of Foot Soliders in TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and each color represents a different attacking strategy. Early on you’ll get basic Foot who are mere fight fodder, but eventually you’ll have to deal with Foot who fire crossbows and plungers.

White Foot will drop down on you from high with their katanas, then deflect your strikes, and Black Foot will backflip away from your attacks then immediately counterstrike.

And, you guessed it, in later levels the game will really mix these up to keep you on your toes. Try to remember their attacking approaches so that when you’re faced with a slew of different enemies at once you’re not caught out.

Similarly with boss battles, you can easily come away from these completely unscathed if you know what to look for, like Bebop and Rocksteady’s charges. The longer you can go without being hit, the less lives you lose and the more you can build up moving from level to level.

#6 Eat Pizzas Wisely

Just because you see a Pizza on screen, doesn’t mean you should instantly eat it. If you’ve got full health, there’s absolutely no point. Save it until you have to move on to the screen.

There’s nothing worse than wasting good food, afterall.

But there’s also another Pizzas to be mindful of, like a 10 second attacking special which lets you spam special attacks as much as you want until the timer’s up and one that causes them to spin around rapidly.

Keep an eye out for them at all times.

Hopefully these help you a little bit, but the most important things to remember are to stay cool, pick your favourite fighter, and shout cowabunga every chance you get.

Good luck!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is now available on Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Switch.

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