Is Harry Potter Wizards Unite getting a new potion? What One Year Later tells us about Year 2

Like many of you, I’m gradually working through the tasks for this month’s Brilliant Event – One Year Later.

However, as I’ve been going through, I’ve found some interesting tidbits that could tell us about the game’s future.

As we previously mentioned, it feels like the groundwork is being laid for Year 2, with this month’s Foundables representing key components used within the game – Dark Detectors, Portkeys, Potions – etc.

But you can also catch Auror Harry Potter and Proprietor Ron Weasley. And by placing both images in your book, both have some interesting things to say about Grim Fawley.

For those who don’t know, the group believe Grim Fawley cast the initial spell which sets off the calamity and sequence of events in Wizards Unite, causing the confoundable nightmare.

When placed, Harry and Ron tell Hermione about a conversation they’d had with Fawley and both of them have exactly the same memory. Here’s the strange part, neither of them remembers the actual conversation.

Both Harry and Ron seem to think Fawley told them he’s been captive and imprisoned this past year. If so, where, and why?

Hermione wonders whether the Foundables have started to create false memories, but perhaps this one actually isn’t?

And maybe, if someone has kidnapped Fawley, they’re actually responsible for the Calamity, not Fawley.

Or what if all of this mess has caused them to forget things and this conversation did actually happen? Either way, it seems a new narrative thread is being developed where the group look for clues to try and find Fawley.

Here’s another interesting tidbit. The rewards in the bonus challenges this month don’t just give you red books, they also increase your ingredient and seed capacity.

As far as I can remember, I don’t think we’ve ever had increases to capacity as rewards from tasks. So why now?

My theory, we’re due a new potion very soon. Possibly even following this event. And there’s several in the files not added to the game yet.

Potions like the Bountiful Brew, Draught of Perception, Felix Felicis, Memory, and Wideye are yet to feature.

Considering the narrative, I think the Memory Potion seems a logical guess. As to what it can do, that’s up for speculation, but it could relate to an all new mechanic never before seen. Certainly ties into the Year 2 feel.

Year 2, we think, will start to feature at the beginning of July once this run of events are over. From there, hopefully we see new SOS tasks, achievements, and additional Chapters.

But there’s also a ton of Challenge pages that haven’t been added to the game yet. Good way to prolong our Fortress endeavours.

And how about those lessons? We all seem very flush with books all of a sudden.

What do you think about Year 2? What would you like to see?


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