Joker DLC for Mortal Kombat 11 Shown Off in New Trailer, Enters Early Access January 28

NetherRealm have finally got their morbid take on the Joker into Mortal Kombat and it doesn’t disappoint.

In a new trailer shown off today, we see the callous clown wipe blood on his mouth within the first five seconds having pricked himself with a knife.

He then proceeds to crack open enemy skulls with his cane, shoot them with fireworks and various gun types, and even use a headless kamikaze to explode near them.

Then there’s his mini-gun shaped like Batman, made to take a dig at his arch nemesis. Nice touch.

But they save the best till last. Joker’s Fatality is … well it’s genius. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, just watch it…

Joker will enter Mortal Kombat 11 Early Access on January 28th, with a full release coming shortly after on February 4th.