June DLC Release Schedule

June will finally see Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep release for Borderlands 2, as well as the first major Crysis 3 DLC, more Gears Judgment content, New Super Luigi U and the Eve Online, Odyssey expansion

Check out the schedule as it stands below…


Release Date Game DLC Format Price
June 4th Crysis 3 Lost Island PC/PS3/X360 800 MSP
June 4th Eve Online Odyssey PC £19.99
June 4th Resident Evil: Revelations Resistance/Enhancement Set PC/X360/PS3 $1.99
June 11th Resident Evil: Revelations Raid Mode Characters PC/X360/PS3 $2.99
June 14th Resident Evil: Revelations Upgrades PC/X360/PS3 $2.99
June 14th The Last Of Us Season Pass PS3 $19.99
June 20 New Super Mario Bros U  New Super Luigi U Wii U £19.99
June 25th Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina’s Assault PC/PS3/X360 800 MSP
June Metro: Last Light The Faction Pack PC/PS3/X360 800 MSP
June Gears of War: Judgment Lost Relics X360 800 MSP
June GRID 2 Super Mod Car Pack PC/X360/PS3 Unknown


Have we missed something? Do you know of any upcoming DLC that we haven’t mentioned? Are you releasing DLC or content patches that you want us to cover?

Email Raywillmott@expansivedlc.com and we’ll add to the list.




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