Just Cause 4 DLC concludes with Danger Rising and Adversary Assault Vehicle Pack

The Season Pass for Just Cause 4 is wrapping up with the release of Danger Rising today.

Danger Rising is available for Gold Edition and Season Pass holders, adding 9 new missions, extra gadgets, weapons, and vehicles.

The big inclusion has to be the Hoverboard, though, letting you explore the wider open world of Solis.

As usual, Gold owners get this 7 days earlier than everyone else, with Danger Rising releasing officially on September 5.

This final expansion in the Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Season Pass will retail for £9.99 or $11.99.

As an additional surprise, however, Square Enix have also released Just Cause 4 Adversary Assault Vehicle Pack.

This standalone piece of DLC costs £3.99 and adds an Agency VTOL jet with heat seeking missiles and vertical manoeuvrability.

It also includes the Black Hand Interceptor – Prospero Shade – which has dual machine guns and boosters.


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