Just Cause 4 gets major 1.03 patch ahead of potential DLC content releases

Just Cause 4 can now be updated to version 1.03 with a new 10GB update available from today.

The update, of course, adds major stability improvements, but there are also some significant tweaks which have been outlined in the patch notes.

Among the changes is that controls for the Skystriker weaponised wingsuit have been adjusted. A problem has also been fixed with the map where some collectibles were not displaying their repsective icons.

In addition, audio files have been updated where they impacted on certain languages, and there’s a fix for the spotlight ‘projected shadow’ flickering issue.

The release is timely as the DLC for Just Cause 4 has yet to drop, with no official word on when that might be. However, we received word from a YouTube Commentator ‘Dolphin Man’ that the Dare Devils DLC will drop on February 19th, two weeks from today.

He also went on to say that Los Demonios is coming on April 9th, with The Agency Strikes Back releasing on June 11th.

While we cannot verify the legitimacy of these dates, it does seem likely that we will get more word on the DLC very soon, especially with a patch this big dropping a few months post launch.

More on Just Cause 4 as we get it.

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