Kickstarter designed Apan joins the Children of Morta family

Children of Morta has just received its third major free update and a new character has joined the Bergsons.

Apan the Clan-Mother is a mid-range fighter who uses a staff and spells to fight and offers support and shielding abilities for the clan. This new mechanic enables family to gather shields, items and abilities from Apan’s ‘Rage’ ability.

The new character uses a special ‘Asva Pulse’ which is a dash ability that puts plenty of distance between her and her enemies. Apan also has 32 specific Runes she can use.

Apan was designed by a Kickstarter backer – AgaRar – for Children of Morta, along with his partner – GlueBubble.

The Bergsons’ House is a free update now available on all platforms and even includes 9 new story cut-scenes, as well as some HUD, UI and bug fixes.

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