Killer Instinct Ultra Edition owners get Gargos

Gargos, a living, breathing fighting gargoyle has arrived in Killer Instinct Ultra Edition.

The Shadow Lord, Gargos, will be familiar to Killer Instinct 2 players and has finally arrived in the latest iteration through his hazy purpley portal thing and has some seriously punishing combos.

Gargos can summon otherworldly entities to do his bidding and open up portals in the environment to create some serious ranged damage.

Here’s a trailer to show you how devastating he can be.

Gargos opens up on June 3rd to Combo Pack owners.

Oh, and you can also expect one more fighter in June and another in July, but you won’t know about either of them until they launch.

Says Rukari Austin, Community Manager of Killer Instinct.

“These two characters, whoever they may be, will not be teased in any way, shape, or form. No blurry images. No early looks. Nothing until they are properly revealed,”

More as we get it…

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