Kirby Star Allies has Soul Melter Ex difficulty in recent DLC, more news expected this year

Nintendo have indicated Kirby Star Allies may get more DLC while reminding players the third free update added a Soul Melter Ex difficulty.

Reconfirmed via Nintendo News on Switch, Tatsuya Kamiyama, sequence director for Kirby Star Allies, says that the ultra fiendish difficulty will pit you against ‘the powerful Parallel bosses you’ve already faced’ and they will ‘come for you one by one’.

However, the update also added bosses you’ve not seen before, but not to worry as ‘the rest areas between boss-fights are well-stocked with healing items’.

To unlock it, you have to beat ‘both The Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter difficulty and Heroes in Another Dimension’ – Then you have input a special command familiar to those who played the original Kirby Dream Land on Game Boy.

And if you manage to beat Soul Melter Ex, you unlock a really cool new aesthetic for Kirby. No spoilers, but a quick Google search will tell you all you need to know.

While a lot of people already know about this, it’s nice Nintendo have drawn attention to a cool secret. But the big story in the Nintendo update is that Kamiyama says ‘We have more Kirby Star Allies news for you this year too, so we hope you’re looking forward to it!’

Many people thought the third wave of DLC would be it for the game but this update seems to hint at the possibility of even more DLC in 2019. Could it be more new characters, more levels, perhaps a full-blown sequel or something else entirely?

With a Nintendo Direct rumoured to drop next week, let the speculation begin.

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