Lightning Returns won’t feature additional story DLC

In an interview with Digital Spy, Producer Yoshinori Kitase has confirmed that any DLC plans for Final Fantasy XIII-3 won’t be story-based.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase said that Final Fantasy XIII-2 players argued that some DLC, which expanded the game’s story, meant the game wasn’t “complete”.

He elaborates.

“With XIII-2, some costumes like the Black Mage were very popular, and those items are meant to be ‘fan-pleasing’, so those ones went down very well.”

‘Also, some of the DLCs for XIII-2 were additional episodes. Even though we were quite proud of them and they were an extension of the main story, in a sense some people might argue, okay, it means that the main story was not as complete as it [should have been].’

“So we took that reaction on board and with Lightning Returns it’s going to be a very complete game, so you don’t really need any extra storylines or any extras. It’s going to be a fully complete game, that’s what we’re definitely going to do.”

The good news is that the story will come to a natural conclusion and we can assume there won’t be any dangling plot threads which will explained with extra back-story or life after the event. However, will the game have more costume DLC like its predecessor, or new weapons? Perhaps even micro-transactions? We’ve no word either way.

Do you consider this good news?

(Source: Digital Spy)

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