Marvel’s Avengers DLC will celebrate the 80 Year History Of Marvel

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are planning high profile DLC add-ons for Marvel’s Avengers.

We already know that Hawkeye will be the first post-launch content, Spider-Man will be a PlayStation exclusive DLC in 2021, and there’s exclusive Virgin, Intel, and Verizon content scheduled for launch.

There’s plenty more to come, though, as confirmed during a Financial Results Briefing this month. According to a translation from VGC   Matsuda has said ‘Expectations are high’ for the game’ and that Square ‘hope to build excitement around the title by rolling out powerful add-on content’

The timing of this is interesting as a data mine through the game’s beta files has potentially uncovered future playable characters and they include a full who’s who of classic Marvel characters. Some names you might expect, others you might not.

We won’t post names here for fear of spoilers, but you can get a full list here.

For now, Marvel’s Avengers certainly has upcoming content that has the world talking.

The game launches September 4th on current gen systems, with a next-gen version releasing at console launch.

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