Marvel’s Avengers offering exclusive Virgin, Intel, and Verizon content to customers

Marvel’s Avengers is getting a wealth of exclusive cosmetic content from the most unexpected places.

YouTuber JayShockBlast and VGC have uncovered that Virgin and Verizon customers will be able to collect and redeem unique costumes and cosmetics upon launch of the title.

Interestingly, Intel are also doing a unique pack-in promotion with their own set of costumes and 5 Gum in the US are doing a unique emote.

This follows news that Spider-Man will be a PlayStation exclusive character and that the game’s beta was exclusive to PS4 for the first week.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently in beta for the next two weeks, with an open beta following from August 21st.

Marvel’s Avengers releases on September 4th on PS4, XO, and PC. Next-gen upgrades will also be available upon the launch of PS5 and XSX

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