Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes more than 40 DLC, releases May 14

EA have finally announced a release date for Mass Effect Legendary Edition and some of the big adjustments coming to the original game.

Releasing May 14th, you’ll be able to get the original trilogy together for PS4, Xbox, and PC, and it will include all single-player DLC that was released for the original games.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will include full 4K support and HDR compatibility, achieving 60FPS on PC and on PS4 Pro/PS5 and Xbox One X / Series X. PC versions can also support 21:9 widescreen displays.

Mass Effect 1 has had the biggest rework, including reduced lift times, big changes to the Mako vehicle, and combat adjustments.

All character models have been remodeled, the character creator expanded, and tens of thousands of textures, shaders, visual effects, and lighting changes.

It’s all sounding incredible and we cannot wait to re-experience the trilogy all over again on May 14.


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