Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gets free-running trailer, play now with EA Access

The long (loooooong) awaited sequel to Mirror’s Edge finally releases next week, and we have a brand new trailer to celebrate.

Appropriately titled ‘Why We Run’, Catalyst shows off some parkour skills familiar to fans, such as wall-running and sliding, but also lets you dangle from helicopters and plummet to certain death from slanty rooftops.

Which doesn’t look much fun, but probably will be in the game.

Here’s the juicy trailer…

Oh, and if that got your blood pumping then guess what? You can do something about that. The game is available to play one week early through EA Access and Origin Access.

6 hours of full gameplay, to be precise.

You get 10 missions, social play and several districts to explore. Get all the information right here.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst releases June 9th on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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