Monster Hunter Rise bumper first update introduces Chameleos, Diablos, and Rathalaos

Capcom unveiled a massive free update for Monster Hunter Rise which has added a ton of fan favourites to the game.

Available from right now, you can grab the free title update which also adds new elder dragons – Teostra and Kushala Deora.

The update also ups some of the challenge in the game should you want to with Apex monsters now involving themselves in quests.

You’ll also find yourself being able to tackle timed event quests, new story missions, layered armor, and even tougher rampage events.

A further update will arrive at the end of May which completes the game’s story, adding a new ending and monsters.

Interestingly – and controversially – as well, Capcom have added premium items in the game which you’ll need to purchase if you want to change your character’s appearance more than once. The new Character Edit Vouchers are not new to the series – first popping up in Monster Hunter World – and cost $2.99 each. You can at least get them at something of a discount if you buy them in bulk.

Still, Capcom have supplied a generous amount of free content with this update and there’s even more to come in 3.0 next month.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available exclusively on Nintendo Switch and we said it’s one of the best games ever made on the system!

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