New Dead by Daylight DLC ties in with SAW

The new Dead by Daylight DLC directly ties in with SAW and follows Nightmare on Elmstreet and Texas Chainsaw Massacre DLC.

The DLC adds ‘The Pig’, detective David Tapp, and the Gideon Meat Plant.


SAW is a great fit for the game due to its visceral violence and the trailer shows a vintage SAW mask completely shave off a man’s face. Lovely.

Both characters have three unique perks, with The Pig offering Hangman’s Trick, Surveillance and Make Your Choice. Meanwhile Detective Tapp has Tenacity, Detective’s Hunch and Stake Out, helping out in high pressure scenarios.

Meanwhile, The Pig will be hunting players out in an abattoir.

The DLC is up on Steam now for £5.19.

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