New Wolfenstein trailer leaves us nowhere to run

A brand new trailer has been released for the rebooted Wolfenstein: The New Order. Due for release next month, The New Order puts us in a parallel universe and back in the shoes of B.J. Blazkowicz, who has assumed leadership of a resistance trying to fight back General Deathshead and his Nazi forces who used futuristic technology in order to win WWII

This new trailer ‘Nowhere to Run’ starts off a bit unexpectedly and shows off a new kind of refereeing that will probably become a standard in the Premier League next year. However, the action really kicks into another gear after that and shows just how good-looking this next-gen shooter is shaping up to be.

It’s gonna surprise some people, we think. And hey, if this trailer doesn’t get you, pre-ordering the game will give you access to the beta of the re-imagined DOOM game as well.

You know you’ve gotta get your hands on that, right?

Wolfenstein: The New Order releases on May 20th on just about every format known to man. If you’re reading this, you probably own one of them.

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