Next Destiny 2 Expansion Shadowkeep launches in September, Year One Content Goes F2P

Revealed during the Google Stadia conference, Destiny 2’s next chapter is Shadowkeep.

Releasing September 17th, players will return to the moon and reunite with Eris Morn.

Shadowkeep will see players fight enemies of old, visions through nightmares who are out for vengeance.

Shadowkeep features new missions and quests, an extra dungeon, raid, and major narrative campaign.

With Bungie now taking full ownership of Destiny, they’re also tweaking the style of game, now referring to it as an MMO.

This will include more customization options, PVP, and lots of loot.

Interestingly, Shadowkeep doesn’t require previous Destiny content, and all future content will apparently be standalone.

And the big story is that Destiny 2 is now ‘Cross Save’ across ALL platforms – Stadia, PS4, Xbox, and PC. Meaning your character can move between systems.

Heck, if you believe the rumours, Switch too.

Another big story is that Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris and Warmind are being combined together to form Destiny 2: New Light.

This is a F2P version of the game which everyone will be able to pick up, though they’ll still have to buy Forsaken and the Annual Pass.

Destiny 2 is changing in a big way and, honestly, it’s pretty exciting!


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