Next Starbound Beta patch will be the last to wipe character data

If you’ve ever played an early beta of any massively multiplayer or persistent world game, then you’ll know that they basically consist of a series of apocalypses. As the game jumps forward from release to release, thousands upon thousands of characters and maps can be lost in server resets and file format changes, rendering entire societies of player characters dead and whole worlds completely destroyed in their wake. No more for the future residents of the massive, procedurally generated universe contained within Starbound; whilst next week’s patch will destroy all save files, murdering all of the innocent Florians, Avians, and Apex that players have worked so hard to nurture, Chucklefish promise that this is the final character wipe and that characters created after the next patch will be compatible with all future versions of the game.

Currently the patch is also penciled in to contain numerous bug fixes and improvements in performance along with the addition of several new weapons including revolvers, grenades and shivs, additional game modes that add further challenge to the experience, and a larger selection of decorative hats. The update is scheduled for release at some point about a week from now, and the full patch notes as they currently stand can be found on the official Starbound site.


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