OlliOlli dev Roll7 Announce 2¼D cover shooter Not A Hero

Roll7, makers of the very well received 2D skateboarding game OlliOlli, have announced that they have a new game in development, Not A Hero. This will be in 2¼D… 2¼D I hear you ask? Two and a quarter?! What does it all mean?

Not A Hero is a side-scroller that involves a lot of running, gunning and sliding into cover. It also sounds like Roll7 are aiming for a difficulty level not too dissimilar to Hotline Miami. There’s even a psychotic rabbit, although with Not A Hero, it’s not just a mask and it’s also not called Graham. To explain further, here is the press release from Roll7 and publisher Devolver Digital:

The handsome lads of developer Roll7 (OlliOlli) and overly-emotional video game label Devolver Digital are proud to announce Not A Hero – the first indie cover-based shooter presented in ISO-Slant™ for PC and next-gen consoles. Featuring a smorgasbord of running, gunning and sliding action, Not A Hero is a 2¼D cover-based shooter that has absolutely no qualms with handing you your own ass the minute you peek out from cover this summer.

When an anthropomorphic rabbit/mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord needs a murderous loner to clean up the city during the election, Steve heroically offers up his dubious skills with a gun and lack of self-preservation instinct to this mysterious stranger from beyond. Now Steve must clear five districts of crime and recruit new heroes for his cause by sliding, diving, ducking, and taking cover through hundreds of full-throttle shootouts across the city. Through the power of ISO-Slant™ technology and a wasted youth, London-based developer Roll7 (OlliOlli) delivers the greatest 2¼D cover-based indie shooter of all time ever.

Nobody ever thinks of the cleaners... Imagine cleaning this lot up!

Nobody ever thinks of the cleaners… Imagine cleaning this lot up!

Not A Hero is currently scheduled for release on PC, Mac, Linux, and next gen consoles in the Autumn, and if you’re lucky enough to be heading to EGX Rezzed this weekend, or PAX East in Boston, USA April 11 – 13, you’ll be able to get your hands on the alpha build.

In the meantime, or if your weekend is not going to involve getting hot and bothered in a massive exhibition hall, there are more details to be found on Roll7’s site, and if you’d like to learn more about ISO-Slant™ and have a good chuckle at the same time, click here.


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