Paladins Season Pass 2019 adds year-long DLC for Champions

Paladins players can now grab the Season Pass 2019 which adds new DLC for champions over the next twelve months.

Available for £32.99, players who purchase Season Pass 2019 will immediately receive three cosmetics, the Limited Legionnaire Viktor skin, Legionnaire Warhorse Mount, and an avatar.

On top of that, 1500 Crystals will be added to your account so you can pick up a skin, event bundle or even the new Battle Pass.

Content expected to be added in 2019 includes

  • Voice Pack
  • Season Pass Limited Rare Skin
  • All Talents Instantly Unlocked
  • Additional Uncommon Skin
  • Emote
  • MVP Pose

PS+ subscribers will also get an exclusive free pack which adds eight champions, including Voice Packs! There will also be 10 skins, cosmetic content Death Stamp and Spray, and a new Scarlet Charger mount. And yes, a Bruce Buffer Announcer Pack.

Yes, THAT Bruce Buffer!

The Paladins 2019 Season Pass is now available to purchase.

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