Panzer General Online – 1st Tutorial (with Video)

The video for my run around the Tutorial is here – Video for Panzer General Online (1st Level)

I’ve been given the chance to run around the Closed Beta of  Panzer General Online.  As I’m not up on Turn based Role-Play(The TbRP I did was Rebelstar2 was back on my Spectrum) I’ve gone for a less “Me Man UG!?” approach and aimed for a Tutorial.

Rebelstar2 - Not Panzer General

Rebelstar2 – Not Panzer General


However, I’m using the excuse that the game actually forces you into playing a tutorial to be able to access the Online/PvP section of the game;  So I’m guess by Street Cred is safe (however I’ve lost cred points by using the phrase Street Cred).


As it’s a closed beta and I’m only previewing the game I’ve hit some bugs, but the forum admins and the Facebook admins are investigating (with hast) my issues I’m having accessing beyond the first part of the tutorial and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

My initial thoughts (based on one level) is that it looks good and plays with a sense of charm about it.  Fingers crossed that I like the rest when I get to see it.


Panzer General Online – Not RS2

Have you been playing the closed beta of Panzer General Online if yes are you enjoying it too?


Panzer General Online is a Ubisoft Game.

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