Pikmin 3 Multiplayer

While the story mode is enjoyable in itself, Pikmin 3 Multiplayer is an adventure all on its own. The multiplayer modes will unquestionably keep people playing the game long after they’re done with the campaign.

There’s the choice of Mission Mode or Bingo Battle, both of which can be played splitscreen; neither of which can be accessed via Nintendo Network.

There-in lies one of my main disappointments with the game. While Nintendo now seem to understand the importance of digital distribution and DLC, they are still struggling to comprehend the vast, all-encompassing world of online multiplayer. There’s really no reason why Pikmin 3 shouldn’t be playable online and I do hope Nintendo eventually patch it in, but for now, the multiplayer modes are only playable via splitscreen.

Still,the modes themselves are some of the most uplifting the Wii U has seen since Nintendo Land.

Mission Mode

Here, 1 or 2 players must beat the clock and perform various set requirements, whether it’s collecting treasure, battling enemies or defeating bosses. More of these missions are unlocked the further into the game you get. On some occasions, however, players will need to beat a mission in order to unlock the next.

In Collect Treasure, you and your opponent must explore the map, taking an army of Pikmin with you and collect as much fruit, treasure and enemies carcasses as you can before the time runs out. Each item your Pikmin take back to the Onion will give the player coins. The individual with the most coins wins the game. Naturally, keeping an eye out for golden fruit, as well as observing the treasure amount on each item is worth considering when playing head to head with someone. Don’t fight through enemies and environment for an item that will only give you 5 coins when there’s an easily accessible piece of golden fruit around the corner worth twice the amount. Excitingly, players have access to all three members of the crew, meaning they can split off and work on different areas of map simultaneously.

Battle Enemies plays in almost the same way except that you’re not collecting fruit now, you’re just fighting all the enemies found in the game. The one who beats the most enemies, wins. Again, you have two crew members to choose between and can work on multiple waves of enemies at once.

Finally, the bosses. As you progress through Pikmin 3, you will encounter various bosses. This mode allows you to face those bosses and attempt to beat them within a time limit. The one who beats boss fastest (or beats it at all) wins the round.

The mode is fun and works really well with splitscreen. I just can’t help feeling that all of this could also have been taken online.

Bingo Battle

Bingo Battle is a more light-hearted affair and sees one player take on another in a race to collect a line of items, enemies or fruit from their Bingo Card. It can be a horizontal, vertical or even diagonal line, but the items have to be collected as part of a line in order for the player to win.

The time limit varies depending on luck and, of course, skill, but it’s fun having to scour the map to try and find your last item while the opposition is starting to catch up and is almost neck and neck with you. It’s a dynamic, fast-paced and addictive mode that works really well in Pikmin form and is sure to be a bit of a family favourite.


Online limitations and customisation issues aside, both of these modes add a lot to the Pikmin 3 experience and really bolster the longevity of the game. I can’t wait to see if Nintendo decide to do more with these modes post Pikmin 3 launch. There’s plenty of expansive potential for them to do so.

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