Plants vs Zombies goes all facebooky

PopCap have unveiled plans to bring the hugely popular zombie tower defence game Plants vs Zombies to Facebook via Plants vs Zombies: Adventures.  Plants vs Zombies saw you defending your home from hordes of the undead but Plants vs Zombies: Adventures will instead see you hit the road and defend your motor-home in a variety of wacky locations. It will also see PvZ in 3D for the the first time with a new isometric view.

You can expect new plants, new zombies and even more excitingly new game modes; why not check out the beta here.

Head of PopCap’s San Francisco studio Curt Bererton said

“We’ve tried to focus on laying the groundwork on the social elements, like laying the path and social elements with your friends. It’s not just PvZ with a leaderboard. There are leaderboards, but one of the things we were looking for on Facebook was that you’re connected with friends and can interact with them more than you could on mobile.”

So do you fancy having a pop at some zombies in a more social scene?

Source:  InsideSocialGames

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