An introduction to FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 14 is a game millions of people around the world play every day. It’s enjoyable and drives football fans crazy with its fast, frantic gameplay and detailed modes and options.

Arguably the biggest feature of FIFA 14 is the Ultimate Team game mode, and yet, many have still never taken the time to check it out.

The FIFA 14 version is, without doubt,  the most improved version to date. I spend most of my FIFA time on it as, to me, it gives you a great inside view of what managing is really like, from the locker room to the dug-out.


The main aim of Ultimate Team is to put together the best possible team using players from around the globe and compete in tournaments and league seasons to earn FIFA Ultimate Team coins. After you play a match, win or lose, you will receive some reward. Be mindful though, players’ fitness levels, as well as their contractual worth, is brought down every game. Players start with 7 contracts and 99 fitness, but that will be deducted after every game. So once a player runs out of contracts, you must apply a contract item to them which can be found in your consumables. To access your consumables, you must hover over the player and press the square/X button – dependent on the console you’re playing on – then decide which consumable you want to apply to the player.

Item qualities vary from bronze to gold: bronze being the lowest quality and gold being the highest. You can go to the FIFA store and buy packs which contain players and consumables – again, the quality of which varies between bronze and gold. Packs can be purchased with FIFA coins earned through gameplay or FIFA points which can be purchased from the PlayStation store. You can also purchase special packs in the special pack area which contain a silver team upgrade or a gold team upgrade. On top of that, FIFA regularly release special players on black cards as part of Team of the Week packs every Wednesday at 6pm. However these players can also be purchased on the transfer market.

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Using the transfer market, it’s easy to find the player you want by using a quick name search for ease. There is also an option to select players via a ‘buy now’ price which will help to find the best deals on the greatest players. You can even sell your players when you no longer want them, opening those players up to other gamers around the world.  You can also add players to your transfer targets. This way, you can keep tabs on the player you want until you have enough coins to buy them.

Your team rating is based on the ratings of the players you have in your team. Chemistry is a crucial feature of a squad as it determines how well your team will perform on the pitch together. Remember, if you don’t have good chemistry, your players won’t perform to their maximum potential, which makes it difficult for a team to gel, produce the best football and get results. Club value is based on the amount of items you have in your club: if you have a lot of items, your club value will be high, but if you have a low amount of items, your club value will be low. The more items you have, the better your club will be.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Ultimate Team is full and detailed. There’s a lot to get out of it, but it does mean you’ll need to put a lot of work in. It has quickly become my favorite way to play FIFA, and it’s not just the gameplay that’s great, the graphics are the best the franchise has seen to date.

I hope you all take the time to check it out and hope this helped introduce you to the basics.

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Jay Jones

Jay is a massive football fan - Manchester Utd in case you were wondering - and lover of gaming. He'll play just about anything, but his vice is definitely Ultimate Team.
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