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You may remember Havoc Your Way being discussed in Kickers Corner a month or so ago. For those of you from a certain generation, as well as those that consider people of my gaming generation “Retro”, you may notice that “Havoc Your Way: The Chaos Years”  reinvigorates so many memories of what gaming classics used to be about. It does such a good job, in fact, that it may have warmed the few remaining active brain cells in our aging addling minds.



Havoc Your Way appeared to capture elements of such games as Jack the Nipper, Spy Vs Spy, How to Be a Complete Bastard, but most of its central template came from classics Skool Daze and Back to Skool from David Reidy & Keith Warrington (Microsphere). This is definitely not a bad thing as both games were amazing in many ways. So good, in fact, that they were voted in the Top 100 of games of all time for the  ZX Spectrum  by the then fantastic Your Sinclair magazine (you had to be there)

Unfortunately, Option 4 didn’t receive the necessary amount of backing to get funded on Kickstarter, but that hasn’t slowed the team down at all.

I caught up with Richard yesterday to see what the next steps are, and whether the game will ever see release.

He had this to say…

Unfortunately HYW didn’t quite get the momentum required, however we do have phase 2 planned which will build on the lessons learned.

We are hopefully going to attend in August to drum up support and get pre-orders. We are also aiming to get a basic demo completed by then for the event and use that as a basis for another Kickstarter or IndieGoGo relaunch.

There were parts of the campaign which didn’t get as much attention as we hoped, such as placing an advert in a national games magazine. We also had plenty of likes on a targeted Facebook campaign but this proved difficult to convert into pledges.

The project is still very much alive. We don’t want to dwell too much on the first attempt and are looking forward to a bigger and better relaunch.

We’re keeping our eyes open here at Expansive for the relaunch. When that happens, we will hopefully be able to share a demo, along with updated news.

Until that time, we wish Option 4 and Havoc Your Way the very best of luck.


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