Playstation Now beta invites now sent out

Playstation 4 owners who were selected to be a part of the Playstation Now beta began playing May 20, 2014; so if you signed up and haven’t checked your e-mail yet, do it now! You might have an invitation.

For those not familiar with Playstation Now, this service provides gamers an easy-to-use, on-demand gaming service by streaming – like when you watch Netflix.

Although there are still some unknowns about the Playstation Now service, such as how much it will charge for video game rentals and monthly subscription packages, things seem to be going well with gamers having logged over 50,000 hours of gameplay.

The Playstation Now service will be released sometime this summer for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita in North America. If you want to try it sooner, head over to the Playstation Now website – they are planning to broaden the amount of users in the private data before it’s released!