Postal 2 1413 adds Steam Cloud for all platforms, new dialog and more improvements

Majorly controversial title, Postal 2, has received a major update. The update, which launched today, adds Steam Cloud for all platforms. It also adds further vocal variety, new zipper functionality, ammo cap increases, collision fixes and achievement adjustments.

Saved games from update 1412 will be compatible with 1413, but the devs recomend that if you experience crashes, you start with a new save and delete the bad save file.The full – rather huge – changelog, can be seen below…

New Features and improvements

  • Steam Cloud has been activated for all platforms.
  • The amount of vocal variety has been massively increased, including race-specific dialog. 5 new voice classes in total! Also adds more situational dialog for NPC’s such as seeing cats, and being on fire. There are even a few more Dude lines now too.
  • Added a few new variations to character pawns (example: pot bellies, shorter females, etc)
  • As well as doors, the game now remembers which windows and bottles have been smashed when going though load zones and returning to a previous area.
  • MP5’s are more damaging, semi-auto mode more accurate
  • Firing mode for Glock and MP5 are now displayed on the hud
  • Dynamite has a larger radius and more damage
  • Can now instakill bystanders with a bali to the back to make the weapon more useful (Tougher enemies like cops are not susceptible to this trick)
  • Shovel Alt-Fire has a chance to sever limbs in much the same way the regular fire has a chance of decapitating.
  • Speed Run ranking separated from regular ranking in stats
  • Stats now display a flag if you speedrun a game without quitting
  • Display current difficulty on stats screen.
  • Gasoline trails light on fire easier, and also if an NPC or player run over a trail while they are on file it will ignite it.
  • Updated Police and security car model
  • Flying Sledge now destroys doors
  • Fluid Lifetime Slider added, allows lengthening or shortening lifespan of gas, urine, blood trails (set it to 11 for near-infinite lifetime)
  • Launcher now updated to include performance options
  • You can now delete saved games by right-clicking on them in the save/load menu. (You will be asked for confirmation first.)
  • Each game mode now has its own stats screen, listing only the relevant information for that game mode. (Nothing about cows or zombies in the POSTAL 2 game, for example.)
  • Added some new end-game player rankings! See if you can find them all.
  • Several new cheats, some hidden, some not…

New Features and improvements (Enhanced game only)

  • Awesome new zipper functionality! Just you wait to play around with it
  • Added flying shovel, you can now use the shovel to fly around the maps if you swing when already airborne. Try it, it’s fun!
  • Added Hands (pick up and throw objects with Fire and AltFire when not holding a weapon)
  • Increased the variety of cat-grenades for the Grenade Launcher
  • Alt-fire will spam matches when holding the match box
  • New features for Machete, Scythe, Sledge and Machine Gun
  • Ammo cap raised to 9999
  • Scissors shoot faster and you also run faster when holding them
  • Added alt-fire to Shotgun in Enhanced Game. It shoots slow-moving explosive projectiles
  • Some bystanders will now come at you with their bare hands, even if they don’t have a weapon

Bug fixes (both modes)

  • 100’s of map related fixes to address missing collisions, rendering issues, various visual issues such as terrain clipping in the wrong place, lots of ‘out of world’ bugs addressed, ect ect
  • Mike J now acts as you would expect him to when he’s being pissed on
  • Fix for collision on the explodable cars, you can no longer walk though the hood etc.
  • Massive context sensitive performance fixes some areas when going on a rampage and blowing up cars.
  • Fix for alpha of the in game map to remove the black border
  • Fix for the game restarting on an earlier day when passing though load zones when too many doors are smashed
  • Wanted level will now correctly decreases in Liebermode
  • Resolved an issue that could cause NPC’s to go running into walls
  • Fix for non-ragdolled bodies blocking the player with cylinder collision.
  • Fix for achievement menu on low resolutions
  • Cheats reset to ‘off’ when starting a new game
  • Fix for being able to gib Phraud Hogslop’s head and him still living
  • Fix for a rare bug where the petition wouldn’t get signed, even if the NPC agreed to sign it
  • Fix for cow head buzzing not going away sometimes when changing weapons.
  • Fix for cashiers holding heavy bags
  • Fix for cops repeating same lines when the dude-dressed-as-cop is attacking bystanders
  • Fix for a bug where you could force the elevator in MilitaryBase3 to get stuck
  • Fix for pawns not displaying facial expressions properly
  • Fix for ammo oddity with weapons that share ammo
  • Fix for bystanders moonwalking when hit with Bali, anthrax, or WMD
  • Fix for cops attacking each other while you’re in disguise
  • Fix for Some cases of incorrect stat recording
  • Fix for Some ‘dude kill’ false positives to make getting a Jesus run fairer
  • Fix for a bug where the Fog Slider preferences would not update properly when Infinite Visibility was turned off
  • Fix for a bug causing the Machete to disappear from the Dude’s hands forever when thrown
  • Fix for a bug causing pickups and cats to respawn when going back to a previously-visited level
  • Added mipmaps to almost every texture that was missing them, such as the sledge hammer.
  • Fix for a bug which caused some NPC’s to go into a default T shape when dying while in the air
  • Fix for an issue where spawned-in police would arrest the Dude while in uniform. Now they just run up to him and investigate the area instead.
  • Fix for a bug causing the Enhanced Game to not be properly unlocked, leading to a situation where one could start an Enhanced Game but end up in the regular game instead
  • Fix for a crash while killing Gary Colemans in the Publisher’s Office
  • Destroying a boarded-up door now destroys the boards as well
  • Fix for a bug where you could mess up a movie by pausing
  • Massive improvements to Steam implementation, should get rid of those “unable to connect to Steam” errors
  • Fix for some zombies floating in midair with no legs
  • Fix for some zombie kills not counting at Vince’s House.
  • Fix for black bars covering the credits in the POSTAL 2 ending
  • Fix for certain NPC’s receiving the wrong accessories

Changes to Achievements

  • The “CAN YOU DIG IT?!” achievement can now be earned even if you fire a weapon that is not the Shovel, so long as you don’t kill with it. Makes it much easier to get this achievement. However, you must now kill at least 30 people with the shovel to qualify, instead of just 5.
  • The “40 Year Old Virgin” achievement can no longer be obtained in the Enhanced Game. Additionally, using catnip no longer slows down the speed-run timer.
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