Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 4 begins September 21st

The roster of fighters in Battle for the Grid is about to grow even more with a fourth season of Power Rangers characters.

Headlining the Season Pack is, of course, Rita Repulsa, the iconic magical villain from the original series, who surveys the planet from the Moon Palace and works with Lord Zedd in a bit for global domination.


Rita doesn’t arrive until December, though, and before that you can play as Adam Park on September 21st, a character who served as both Green Zeo Ranger and Black Ranger. Johnny Yong Bosch will also reprise his role for the game.

Then in November, Poisandra from Power Rangers Dino Charge will step up to the challenge, using her 65 million years of bounty hunting skills to defeat her enemies.

The pack will also include a Helmetless Doggie Anubis Cruger Skin and a new Gravezord Summon.

Season Pack 4 will retail for $14.99 across all formats, with each piece of content costing $5.99 each.

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