Prey Mooncrash DLC now available with new update

Prey’s long rumoured DLC was finally shown off at the Bethesda E3 Showcase and it’s called Mooncrash.

The DLC which was made immediately available during the presentation, sees you run through the Moon’s secret TranStar base in a ‘replayable rogue-like campaign’. The good news is that it’s available standalone or as a DLC for the base game.

“In Mooncrash, players take on the role of a hacker named Peter who’s stationed aboard a spy satellite tasked with intercepting TranStar communications. Shortly after the events of Prey, TranStar’s secret moon base stops transmitting – and now it’s up to Peter to find out why. Trapped on the station and bound by a ruthless contract with TranStar rival KASMA Corp, Peter’s only hope of seeing his family again is uncovering the moon base’s lost secrets.

“Against all odds, Peter must escape a TranStar base rife with enemies and hazards… with the goals – and loot – changing each time you play. The further you go, the better the loot – and the better your chances for survival in your next spin through Mooncrash.”


In addition, a free update was added to the game, providing New Game Plus, as well as a Survival Mode.

Upcoming, there will also be a multiplayer ‘Typhon Hunter’ update which puts a single survivor up against shape-shifting Mimic Aliens. This will even include a VR mode and we’re expecting more details on that later this summer.

Prey Mooncrash is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One for £15.99

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